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Infinite Possibilities American Residential Technologies has been one of the premier dealers and custom installers of the best home technology since 1995.

Let ART help make your home more fun, reduce your energy bill and make your life easier with a solution customized for your home and your needs.
Whole House Audio Enjoy your music in any room in the house.  Rock in the kitchen, Rap in the kid's room, Jazz in the Master Bedroom or the same thing in every room, even outdoors.

Home Theater Bring the excitement of the theater to your home with giant screens, crystal clear surround sound and even theater chairs!  

When you can't be at the big game, the next best thing is having your friends over to watch the game in life size high definition.  Its just like being there but without the crowds and $5 hot dogs.
Lighting Controls Lighting accounts for almost 20% of the average homeowners electrical bill.

Let us explain how lighting controls can save you money and make your life easier at the same time.
Smart Home Energy Efficiency, Convenience, Comfort and Security are just a few of the possible benefits of a Smart Home.

Let ART show you how home automation technologies can improve your life.

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